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Small Loft Interior Ideas in Prague

Loft Interior Design

Limited space always can be an attracting challenge for creative people like architect Dalibor Hlavacek. If you talking about limited space or small space, you will deal with limited furniture that you can choose for your small area. With creative mind and experience, architect Dalibor Hlavacek can change small area of attic into a modern loft hone in Prague. Small space area is not a problem if you know what you need and what you want for your home.
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Visible and Unique Modern Glass House Architecture

Old Glass House Design

Glass house always get full attention for people, with implicit and literally meaning. The first attention will come from people who want to know the reason behind home architecture that used glass as the wall of the house. The second attention come from people who want to know what is going on inside the house which is definitely be able to be seen from the outside.
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23 Canopy Bed Sets with Tent for Summer Vacation

Outdoor Canopy Bed

This is what you need to accompany your time during the summer, the outdoor canopy bed. We picked 23 canopy bed that is equipped with modular tent on it. Get peace of summer, good weather, spent the sabbatical with the peace atmosphere through these canopy beds.
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Rainbow Colors Sofa by Lubo Majer

Rainbow Color Sofa

This is furniture design inspired by the colors of the rainbow arrangement, featuring beautiful colors and arrange them into an attractive sofa. This furniture is designed by Lubo Majer for Company DIZAJNO.
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Modern Rocking Chair Design

modern rocking chair

This modern rocking chair was designed by a design student from Israel’s Shenkar College, Igor Gitelstain. The design is a prototype dedicated to the annual design exhibition held every year. This rocking chair is named Otarky Chair, the concept is like a rocking chair in general, the design looks modern, stainless finishing touches to the frame buffer, and a metallic white material on the seat and on the rear is a wood surface. But what makes this chair has another value is, the implementation of energy issues on the design. Where, on any swaying motion, the chair will generate electricity that can be used to charge the gadget or other home device. Overall this is beautiful, this is modern concept and energy issues add more value to Otarky Chair.
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Motion Sensor Giant Lamps with Deep Sea Angler Fish Shape

Deep Sea Angler Fish Lamp_3

If you need to design a little bit extreme, especially a lamp for home decor, then this will definitely attract your attention. A lamp with a giant deep sea angler fish shape designed by Justin LaDoux. we found it on Etsy at a price of $ 8,000.
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Sofa for Cat and Cat Owner, Cat Tunnel Sofa by Seungji Munhas

Cat Tunnel Sofa by Seungji Munhas_1

This innovative sofa designed by designers from Korea, Seungji Munhas. The innovation is to combine the pleasure of a pet into the design of a sofa. This sofa comes with bulit-in tunnel made of large pipes. As part of the sofa, the tunnel serves as a rest for the hand. Certainly before designing this design, the designer has done in-depth analysis about the habits of cats and cat owners. This sofa is called Cat Tunnel Sofa.
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Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

Girl Bedroom Decor

Decorating girl bedroom will never run out of ideas. It is a bedroom decorating ideas from Maya Williams. Soft colors, floral and slightly impressed classic, totality in every corner of the room makes this bedroom decorating theme be perfect. Every detail of accessories able to speak and will be ready to greet every person that comes into the room. It’s beautiful and you definitely are interested to adapt to your bedroom.
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Cute Wall Stickers Decor by 33dodo Studio

cute wall sticker

This will not be boring, designing your wall with something funny. Wall stickers decor with cute cat theme. Cats! Cats! Cats! by 33dodo Studio.
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Modern House in Nanking

Modern House

Located in the mountainous area between shady trees, this modern house was designed by AZL architects and precisely located in Nanking, China. The house functioned as a private residence, the house is dominated by white color on the exterior. As shown in the picture above, the arch on each side is a unique impression to be conveyed by the architect, and it has been beautifying the house as a whole. This house is called the Blockhouse.
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